It’s a confusing feeling, I don’t know where it’s coming from but there are just times that I feel so… Empty.

I feel so drained like I’m a piece of cotton soaked in a bucket of water and got squeezed real quick very tightly. 

I feel like I’ve gone through a tough break up that I can no longer love or give anything.

I feel so tired like I’ve just ran a thousand miles in a long road to find out that it leads to nothing. 

I’m like a lost thirsty girl in a desert looking for water to refresh her.

But I know this emptiness that I’m feeling is just temporary.


Like a cotton, I’ll get dampened again.

Like a broken heart, someone will put it back together.

Like a tired body, I could get a massage and sleep it over.

And like in the movies, there is a hidden miraculous river in a desert.

There’s really just a point in your life that you are not always full there will be times that you will and need to pour or spill some of your substance and in the end it’s up to you to just refill it. 


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