Writing is my outlet, my hobby and my comfort. I’ve been writing everything that I feel and all the thoughts that are going through my head for these past few weeks.

I’ve always loved writing since I was a kid, I always write, I always have a pen and a notebook with me but when I reached high school I stopped because you know how teenagers are and now at 19 years old, a college student now, I’m back at writing again. It’s like I left home and got lost and after so many years I finally found my way back. 

Now that I’m back in writing, in order to write something interesting, I need to go out and experience things and live my life because I don’t want to be the kind of blogger/writer that sits on a chair in front of their computer for hours thinking of what he/she will write next and making writing seems like an obligation. I like things to come out naturally that I don’t need to pressure myself to write something to impress others. Words should come out naturally and not forcefully.

Live your life, experience new things, get out, have fun, and you’ll end up writing more stuff than you can imagine. 

*feel free to suggest anything, and also if there is anyone who wants to collaborate just reach me here 

Cheers! 😊 


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