To my dearest phone,

It’s funny that I am holding you as I am writing this letter to you. 

I just want to thank you for all the times that we have spent together. For the time that you save me when awkward things happen, like that one time in a coffee shop, I was waiting for a friend, you were there to keep me company and not letting me end up sitting like a loser in the corner waiting for someone. Thank you for the time when I feel out of place in a crowd you were there even if I just pretend that I needed you. Thank you for the times when I was bored you are there to entertain me. Thank you for helping me escape from reality for a while.

And I’m also sorry for the times that I abused you, for the times that I accidentally dropped you, for the times that I sit on you because you’re in my back pocket, sorry if I still need you even if you are resting and regaining energy.

Just always remember that you mean a lot to me for you are the last thing I hold and see when I go to sleep and you are the first thing I look for everytime I wake up. 

Your loving abusive owner

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