One simple mistake that most people do with their lives is that they use their free will in a wrong way and reasons, not by commiting crime but by letting theirselves be controlled by the notional world that we are living.

We came to this world where standards are set and money is the most important thing. We believe that we have to study in order to have a high-paying job and to have a better future, but it’s that a right reason? Shouldn’t it be that we are doing things because we love it and we are happy doing it, and not because we will get something out of it? Shouldn’t we study because we want to learn and not because it’s required? Shouldn’t we work because it’s our passion and not because of the money we are getting from it? 

We are greatly influenced by the mass media, mass education and government. They teach us and make us believe what is right and what is wrong in this world, what is accepted and what is not. But the reality of things is not the things that they let us see, the reality is the things in our minds and what we personally see.

In context to the tweet where it is said that we worry too much about something that isn’t that important as to just doing what you really wanted to do, the things that will make you really happy, it is because we are living in a notional world, we are mold by this world to make us worry about work and how to be rich for the rest of our lives. 

YOLO (You Only Live Once) do what YOU really wanted to do, escape from this notional world, never worry again on how to be rich and just worry what great things you will do tomorrow. Carpe Diem! 

(Recommending you to read a short article by Jeanette Winterson entitled Imagination and Reality)

(Shoutout to my humanities professor for this learning where it made me have a wider perspective on things)  

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