When do I write: 
I write whenever I feel like writing. It’s either I want to share something or there’s just too many thoughts going through my head that I want to let out and put into words. But because I have my classes now, my thoughts have to wait until I get home.

Where do I write:
I usually write at home, in my room alone, I like writing in peace to keep my mind focus. I easily get distracted so I need a quiet writing space. A space where there is peace and serenity, a space where I can hear my thoughts clearly.

How do I write: 
I always have my phone with me, whenever there’s a random thought going through my head that I feel like I should write about I type it in my phone as a note, save it as a draft and edit it later. I usually compose my writing in my mind and when I begin to write it, the things I composed in my head usually change and I just go along and let my heart take charge to the words I’m typing. 

Mood when writing:
I always write when I am calm and composed, even when I’m mad, sad, happy, excited etc. I always write in calm because my thoughts are wild and I need to focus in order to let this thoughts be organized when I begin to write.

Any particular activity while/after writing:
I sometimes write with my favorite tunes on. When I finish my writing I read it aloud and usually eat or sleep after. 😁

We all have our ways to share what we want to say. Happy writing everyone! 


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