Lots of thoughts going through my head right now,

It’s too much like a weight of dozens of cows.

Lots of voices screaming inside my head,

And it’s too freaking loud

That I want myself dead.

Lots of worries in my mind

That I want to runaway and hide.

Lots of imagination of things that I’m not sure of,

And now I feel like my brain is gonna blow-off.

Lots of problems that I’m creating,

What the heck am I thinking?!

Now I’m trying to calm myself down

Because I don’t want to let myself drown.

Now I’m breathing clearly and letting all those worries go

Because I know that it is my biggest foe.

If you are still overthinking, STOP IT!

Because all of those fears are just what ifs.

It’ll be okay and it’ll be much better

Just relax and hold on to your faith a little bit tighter.


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