So I’m back at school again after a short break, it’s the start of the 2nd semester of my 3rd year college, I’m a financial management student at University of the East, one more academic year and I’m done (hopefully).

It’s a fresh start! Time to let go of the stress that I’ve gone through last semester, time to set my mind for new tasks (more stress) and time to take this more seriously.

So far so good when it comes to my professors this semester, hoping it’ll turn out great though, I don’t want to feel contented and safe, I still need to work harder even though I know that I’m in good hands because of the set of professors that I have right now.

Expectation from this semester:

  1. High grades *fingers crossed*
  2. Acquire more knowledge
  3. Fun semester with my friends
  4. Less stress (hopefully)

Things I need to remind myself this semester:

  1. Study MORE! (to get back on that scholarship! 💪🏼)
  2. Less usage of phone and internet (😭)
  3. Be organized and be more responsible
  4. Be thrifty
  5. Have a better academic mindset

Looking forward for this semester, hope it’ll turn out well, whatever happens, happens! Everything happens for a reason right?


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